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'The Prettiest Girl....' :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 1 2
Mature content
To This One Made Of Glass :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 0 3
Mature content
Always April :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 2 8
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The Darkerness :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 3 14
Sadako by hezekiah
Mature content
Sadako :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 16 48
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The Scourge :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 7 45
Where The Dead May Speak by hezekiah
Mature content
Where The Dead May Speak :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 0 25
Upon A Wasteland by hezekiah
Mature content
Upon A Wasteland :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 0 51
Homage to a Porcelain God by hezekiah
Mature content
Homage to a Porcelain God :iconhezekiah:hezekiah 0 30

Random Favourites

What I Learned Last Year
That those pretty dreams and high hopes
eventually end up outdated,
like tacky flashing yoyos,
and faded, like worn-out teddy bears.
That you outgrow things,
like gaudy costume jewellry,
and lose touch,
because of phone numbers too hard to dial,
and friends that live in that magical, far-away land
of around the corner.
You become disillusioned
by phoeix and cheese sandwiches,
and a haggard Cinderella snoring in the fireplace,
her long, matted hair grey from age and ashes.
The dog refuses to eat your homework
and takes out a restraining order on you.
Birds eat your magic beans
instead of your bread crumbs,
and leave you to explain to your mother
why she smells mold when she steps out the back door.
The world continues to go around
whether you have money, or love,
or time to run to the shops to get chocolate,
or not.
Luck is like the weather forecast:
you can't depend on it.
You just have to be prepared -
for everything to go horribly wrong,
or good in ways you never thought of.
To use a
:iconnoiamnot:noiamnot 7 16
She's What You Die For
You come like
The Dawn of God
In a Pagan sky.
Rising like a
Long-needed Tide, while
Engulfing my parched Planet in
The blue flood that
You are;
Coloring the black and white
With shades of Human violet. So
Vivid they burn like
Warm Water
On a frozen Hand.
Reaching for Eternity yet
Holding on to its
I can
:iconblondangel:blondangel 2 1
Beautiful Libertine
kill the Lights,
then kiss the Dark.
with poison Might-
beautiful Libertine.
given seven Godly Sins-
Heaven on Earth- then-
Hell has the Debauchee in.
embrace my- beautiful Libertine.
grace the bitter Depths,
bite the Apple- once again-
steal your -Sweetest breaths-
dear, beautiful Libertine.
death for your Life-
lascivious inoculation
remedy- Strife-
my unscathed- beautiful Libertine.
:iconblondangel:blondangel 1 2
Line Rider - beta by fsk Line Rider - beta :iconfsk:fsk 23,900 5,699
Were Changing
A vibrant swift of color.
Changing the earths perception.
Watching them drift away.
Like your lover's hand slipping.
Closing your hand, no one by you.
Slowly you think of that memory.
While the colors are changing so fast.
Soon it'll be winter, not sure you'll last.
It'll be cold, you might grow frozen.
A kiss.
That felt like a circle all around you.
Spinning as the clouds gathered.
Passionate like the sunrise warmth.
A breath taken away by such angels.
Leafs swarmed all around the early fall.
But...You'll be okay.
You'll grow tall.
A kiss is just a kiss.
No, It was soul ripping.
My heart drained a glow.
Its lost now.
So i'll watch the snow.
...When it comes
Maybe I won't be around.
Its the only thing
That has no sound.
Something so beautiful.
Can turn so cold....
:icondarknessupon:darknessupon 1 3
Suicide of Beauty by Akourah Suicide of Beauty :iconakourah:Akourah 39 30
Andres Talks to the City.
In the vast expanse of cages, Andres talks to the city.
He writes its ballistrades one thousand love-letters
And sends gifts to its rivets and girders
And demands the personification of the Chicago nightime skyline
From the lonesome banishment of helplessness.
It is in these hours where he sleeps too long or too little that he hugs his pillows and blank walls
And talks to war.
He talks to the uniforms and inhumanity and has sly affairs with this beautiful, organized violence.
He makes love to the mortars and the shrapnel, he beds them in the muddied trenches.
Further, it is in these blissful reveries that Andres avoids the expectations
And contends instead with the unlimited sexuality of humanity.
It is then that he confides in deep analysis of the carnal and indulges in the overexplained.
He gains pleasure through voyeurism and the grossly explicit,
Through inexperienced theories.
Finally, it is in these hypothesis that he is allowed into the arms of unquestioned self-loathing,
And is
:icondaytripping:daytripping 1 1
Acrylic Self Portrait by Akourah Acrylic Self Portrait :iconakourah:Akourah 144 105
A Brief Synopsis
A Brief Synopsis
Walking to class this morning made me forget how angry I was that
the rain was making my clothes wet and how I'd have to sit for an
hour and fifteen minutes shivering and annoyed. My red sweatshirt
hood was tied firmly around my head, my feet were carrying me at a
fast 8:00 in the morning walking pace, and my eyes were fixated on
the ground I was about to walk upon. The moments I took to tear my
eyes away from the untravled ground never disappointed me. I looked
at a circular metal drain in the ground and saw the standing water still
on top of it. Dispersed on top of the drain were tiny yellow, orange,
and brown leaves that had fallen from the tree lurking above. My mind
froze because it had just been reminded of the depths in this world
where beauty hides beneath all of the fearful surface of things. I
voluntarily picked my head up and suddenly the mischevious
undertone to the day appeared right in front of my face. In a scene
from a movie now, I smile, lower my head,
:iconclair:Clair 1 7
Mature content
A depressed mailman :iconpdxmisfit25:PDXMisfit25 2 5
I hope I step on every sidewalk crack I encounter
I'll pace up and down with my dawn to dusk saunter
And until I feel like my whole life is cursed
I'll strive for the enlightenment of becoming well versed
In a culture where speaking simply leads to adjourning
And no one drinks a glass of orange juice in the morning
Where love is a picture frame that contains what is lost
To maintain what once was without expending exhaust
I hope to wrap myself in a dirt straight jacket
My own little version of an above ground casket
And when my heart dies from inhaling dirt into its lungs
I'll fall inside forever until forever falls expunged
Twister twister take a look around
Twister twister we all fall down
Twister twister don't touch the ground
Twister twister I'm in the lost and found
Twister twister my pseudonym
Twister twister my one and only friend
:iconclair:Clair 1 19
Buried Diamond by maiblossoms Buried Diamond :iconmaiblossoms:maiblossoms 3 13
Mature content
Necro :icondarknessupon:darknessupon 1 16
Mature content
Badly Contained Convergent Pinhead Viscera :iconridley-scott:Ridley-Scott 20 55
Slivers of Glass
Slivers of Glass
I wrote you a song without any words,
You always said you liked the beat best.
Then I realized you meant you like your own beat,
And any outside words don't reach your ears and
I well, I thought you were just deaf.
So I figured you could feel the beat in your heart,
Blindly I aimed for your target but missed each time.
That's when I noticed you don't like music at all.
I walked a hundred miles backwards to see
What visions once occupied my eyes.
To my surprise you weren't there,
You didn't belong, so it was I who changed.
Now when I can't seem to let go,
I listen to the silence and hear your world.
The credit cards in your pockets are invalid,
You just can't seem to cash in.
Upon your feet are the same shoes
You've worn for years,
The thing is they haven't been worn down.
I want to untie your laces and
Strip you of your protectors,
Let your feet carry your labor.
They'll walk across stones that will puncture
Their surface, and blades of grass that will
Form to their ne
:iconclair:Clair 1 8



United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Serge, The Psychotic Seal.
Personal Quote: "Anything I've Forgotten Was Worth Forgetting Anyway."


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thanks for the fav, i really miss you can we chat
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how old r u
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Hezzieee, thank you so much for bestowing a fave on my poem

"Orca" [link]

I'm grateful you liked it that much. Have you also seen & heard my newest version of this piece?

"Orca - Flash" [link] ?

Meantime, I hope you've been doing well. :hug:
darknessupon Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009  Student Writer
im sorry.....

please forgive me for not keeping in touch

ive been so shitty lately
hezekiah Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2009
Heh, no apologies necessary... I'm hardly around myself these days. :(
darknessupon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009  Student Writer
What have you been up to?
hezekiah Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
I've been up to little... Very, very little fortunately. And what have you been up to? Wicked things I would hope... :)
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darknessupon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009  Student Writer
I am anarchist
An antichrist
An asterisk
I am atheist
An acolyte
An alcoholic
I am eleven feet
Okay, eight
Six foot three
i am an amazon
an ampersand
an accident
I fought the British and I won
I am a rocket ship
A jet fighter
A paper airplane

Say what you will
I am the kill
The only only one that makes you real
the only thing that makes you really truly safe from me

Put Pat Sajak back in office
Put Pat Sajak back in office
Put Pat Sajak back in office

I have a tendency
To exaggerate
Just a little bit
I am a plagiarist
A terrorist
Attention getter
I am optimist
A closeted
I fought the British and I won

Say what you will
I am the kill
The only thing that makes you real
Say what you will
I am the kill
The only thing that makes you real truly safe from me

Put Pat Sajak back in office
Put Pat Sajak back in office
Put Pat Sajak back in office

But the sun still sets on you
And your retarted party
Nobody came to ditch you and so you drink to
all the emptiness until you wake up
And there's hell to pay again

But the sun still sets on you
And your retarted party
Nobody came to ditch you and so you drink to
all the emptiness until you wake up
And there's hell to pay again

And the punchline poisioned you
And all the comebacks in the world are in your head
But you can't say them until everybody leaves
And it's just you and your imaginary friends...
Your imaginary friends...
Your imaginary friends...
your imaginary friends...
your imaginary friends...

The Dresden Dolls - The Kill
hezekiah Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
I do adore me The Dolls - and the homage to the Sex Pistols at the beginning of the song. :)
darknessupon Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009  Student Writer
That song is good, i like her voice in it
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